Another custom build

On 11/04/2012, in Uncategorized, by Norman Dean

So this is how the process of getting me to build a custom rig for a customer goes.

1. Gauge what the use of the system will be.

2. What programs will be running on the system.

3. Budget

4. I build a shopping cart at and email to the customer for consideration.

5. Tweak the parts list if necessary

6. Customer purchases parts directly from and ships parts to my office.

7. Build takes place over 2 days, pictures are taken durring build and emailed to customer.

8. Customer commences uncontrollable drooling in anticipation.

9. Build completion leads to system testing and benchnark/burn in test.

10. Delivery

11. Customer looses all sense of reality playing online FPS or RPG, customer is never heard from again.


I almost didn’t deliver it was soo nice.

AMD FX 4100
Gigabyte 990FX
Nvidia Geforce GT 4400
1TB Western Digital Drive



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