High priced cables?

On 08/11/2011, in Uncategorized, by Norman Dean

In the digital age is there a need for high priced gold plated fancy looking speaker & video cables?

Short answer: NOPE.


There are all sorts of displays at the big box stores that lead you to believe that audio and video quality will suffer if you dont shell out $100+ for a fancy looking gold plated cable. Usually the display TVs showing degraded quality are not even hooked up with a digital cable. See here


When it comes to High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables either they work or they don’t. The video and audio signal transmitted through an HDMI cable is pure never compressed digital. Unlike compressed digital signals the HDMI standard will only decode the signal if it is 100%, if the signal drops below that it will say there is no signal. Other types of signals are designed to drop pixels or audio quality to get you the content no matter what.

Sat TV is a perfect example, no signal being beamed from space will ever be 100% so there is some tolerance built into the system. HDMI on the other hand only has to travel a few feet over a cable.


Cables put to the test: $2 generic VS. $150 gold plated




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