Wild Blue coverage and pricing

On 19/10/2011, in Technology News, by Norman Dean

Great news for those who are stuck in the internet dark ages. Wild Blue just launched its high capacity communications satellite named ViaSat-1.

ViaSat-1 has a total capacity of 170 gigabits per second, to put that into perspective Wild Blue’s current capacity is 12gbps.  That is more than twice the capacity of all other satellite internet companies put together!

Besides revolutionize satellite internet technology Wild Blue has also revolutionized the way you pay for it. Currently you pay for speed and download capacity per month, with the new system every subscriber gets an unprecedented 12 mega bits per second! The pricing structure (see below) will only apply to your download/upload capacity per month! What happens if you max out your allotted capacity for the month? You can purchase an additional gigabyte for $8.99, now isn’t that not the best deal ever.

Not only did they increase the capacity they also figured out how to reduce the time the data takes on the trip out to the sat to the ground station out onto the internet and back. Called Surfbeam 2 it is a sophisticated data cashing system built into the ground stations and your modem, whenever someone in your geographic area requests a webpage it is stored in the data center waiting for someone else to request it. When the next subscriber requests that page it does not need to be pulled from the websites servers it is instead pulled from the data center and sent directly to you, decreasing the round trip by half.

Coverage & Speeds

Wild Blue Coverage Map - Speeds

Pricing & Download Caps

Widl Blue speeds & pricing


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