Hughesnet Gen4 breakdown

On 11/10/2012, in Technology News, by Norman Dean

Prices, Speed, & Download Caps


Starting at 10Mbps download and 1Mbps Upload and maxing out at 15Mbps Download and 2Mbps Upload for the top tier Power Max Plan.

Download Caps

Moving away from daily download caps and free night zone Gen4 has a monthly total split into 2 time zones Daytime allowance and Nighttime allowance also known as Bonus Bytes. From the hours of 2am-8am you will be able to download as much as your Daytime allowance witch is metered on a monthly total.


HughesNet Gen4 will continue to support Tokens as a way for customers to increase their download capacity. Tokens will be available for a set amount of bandwidth:

• 500MB for $5
• 1GB for $8
• 2GB for $16

In the event you deplete your anytime Download Allowance, the purchased Token will be automatically activated and bandwidth will be added to your “anytime” pool. If you did not purchase Tokens ahead of time, you will still be able to do so once you surpass your Download Allowance. If you exhaust your Tokens, you may see a slowdown in service during peak periods.

HughesNet Gen4 plans will not include complimentary Tokens


NMD Technology Services / TECH SWAT will start selling Hughesnet Gen4 services starting in Nov 2012 – 541.708.1820


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