Dell Secure Browser

On 30/06/2011, in Security, by Norman Dean

Dell has released a version of Firefox 3.6 that is Sandboxed, aptly named Dell Secure Browser. This Firefox browser loads inside the sandbox instead of your operating system, any Malicious Code will be contained inside the virtual box and erased when you reset Secure Browser to is initial state. It also has settings to allow for a Blacklist and Whitelist. Now all we need is a portable version that can use the Tor network… wink wink

Sandboxing is a form of computer security that quarantines the program files in memory so that if Malicious code is launched via that program the Malicious code is confined to the limits of the sandbox.

Other notable forms of sandboxing:

Sandboxie – setup required

Google Chrome – more secure than your average browser but unfortunately the semi-sandboxing feature has been thwarted. Read Here


Download Dell Secure Browser


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