Holy craptastic thats fast!

On 10/04/2012, in Review, by Norman Dean

Holy craptastic thats fast!

Pun intended, the speeds exeded my expectations. Usually on a dark rainy day most satellite internet systems crap out or slow down. After installing the system the first speed test showed 24Mps!!! I ran a few more the average was 18.5Mbps, Holy craptastic thats fast! And its poring down rain and outside. The upload was a under the optimal but that’s because the transmit power is not as high as the ViaSat-1 antennas pump out way up in geo sync orbit.

So it really sank in, I am up on a mountaintop using a connection as fast or faster than my fiber optic connection at my office down in town, WOW!

By the way NMD Technology Services / TECH SWAT is an exede dealer installer so if you want tha holy crap thats fast internet connection give us a call.

Norman M Dean



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