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Summer Asks:

My Mac is having trouble sending email and am waiting for tech support to fix the issue, how can I read and send emails in the meantime?

Summer Waters
Licensed Acupuncturist
Nutritonal Therapy Practitioner


Well the best way to get your email would be through your service providers web-mail website. Web-mail is any service that allows you to log into a website to read your mail, like Hotmail.com or Gmail.com.

But what if your service provider does not have that service or you do not know the web address. Not to worry, there is a website that will allow you to log into your email server no matter where it is.

mail2web.com automatically looks up your email server based upon your email address and logs you in through a web page. There are advanced settings for those who need it and even a SSL security option.

Simply go to mail2web.com, type in you email address and password and wait to be connected!

Good luck and happy computing!








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