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Ed Asks:

“I am on a secure network and currently have Adobe 5.0. Version upgrades with Adobe are scheduled later in 2011, but until then I have a business need to access and download PDF files from other sites. When I attempt to open or download these files, I am not able to due to the conflict between my current version of Adobe and the version the pdf file was created in. Is there a work around solution to this problem?”

Thank you!

Ed Steffens

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Great question Ed,

If you run into a situation where you cannot view a document on a computer because Adobe Acrobat is not installed or as in Ed’s situation not up to date. Google Docs Viewer is an online tool that uses the Google Docs service to download your document and display it in a webpage. Gmail users may have noticed that this tool has been added as a View link next to the Download link when you have an attached file. Neat stuff and it doesn’t have to be a PDF, what if you do not have a specific version of Microsoft Word and need to view and print a .docx document, Google Docs Viewer is here to save the day.

What you do is go here

Copy the link to your online document either from the title bar in your web browser or or by:

Firefox: Right click on the link and selecting Copy Link Location then pasting it into the Google Docs Viewer page.

Internet Explorer: Right click on the link and select Properties, you will have look for the address on the page that comes up. Simply select it then copy and paste it into the Google Docs Viewer page.

The link will look like this “”

Here is what the result will look like Google Docs Viewer Sample

If your document is not online but saved on your computer don’t fret just sign up for a free Google Docs account. With an account you can upload your documents to view and share with others.

Good luck and happy computing!



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