Replace the fans outlined HERE 



Recommended replacement fans can be purchased here on Amazon




Here’s how to swap out the proprietary power connectors 

Instructions and files created by the process outlined HERE & HERE 

After the fans have been replaced the BCM controller will freak out whenever the fans get below a certain RPM, so every 3 min or so the controller will ramp up all the fans to 100% then ramp them down progressively until the threshold is reached again. Below are instructions to upgrade the main BIOS and BMC firmware using a bootable Dell diagnostics DOS based utility.


Tested on Dell PowerEdge 2900 ONLY! Attempt at your own risk – not recommended on any other model.

Tools included in archive

DELL_32-BIT-DIAGNOSTICS_5118-3_R212797.exe – creates a DOS based Dell diagnostics bootable utility

\BMC\bmcfl16d.exe – DOS based BMC update utility – directory includes modified firmware with lowered fan thresholds Fans 1-6 600rpm 7-8 0rpm

\BIOS\PE2900-020700CBIOS.exe – DOS based BIOS update utility – will update main BIOS to 2.7.0



Extract archive usin 7zip, WinRAR, etc

Have a 1GB flash drive FAT formatted ready – run DELL_32-BIT-DIAGNOSTICS_5118-3_R212797.exe select Install to USB

Copy the folders BMC & BIOS to the newly created bootable USB


On the PE2900 boot and press> F11 – Select Internal C: (USB Disk)

When the Diagnostics menue apears select> option 4 Exit

type> c:\

-To update BIOS to 2.7.0
Type> cd bios
Type> PE2900-020700CBIOS.exe      – Follow the instructions -Reboot when asked

-To update BCM firmware with lowered fan thresholds
Type> cd BCM
TYPE> bmcfl16d.exe -f      – follow the instructions – reboot when completed (fans will ramp up to 100% during flashing)



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