MagicJack inside phone mod

On 07/06/2012, in How To, by Norman Dean

A year ago I purchased a MagicJack, I soon realized that it made a big ball of wires on my desk and took up too much room. I proceeded to hollow out my phone and took off the MagicJack’s plastic shell to fit into the bottom of the phone. A few dabs of Gorilla Glue and  voilà a self contained MagicJack phone… computer not included.

A very short phone wire connects the MagicJack to the bottom port on the phone, it tucks neatly into the hollowed out shell.

A 6 inch USB cable is plugged into the protruding male connector at the rear of the phone.

Now my desk is clear of the dreaded ball of phone wire. It also makes it easily transportable, now when I take my netbook on the road the MagicJack phone is tucked into my briefcase without taking up much room.


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